Start Your Video Transaction Engine

Turn your video streams into revenue streams
Instantly add contextual commerce to any media
Don’t drive away your audience with click-away ads. Keep them where they belong – on your site.

Make Your Videos Transactional

Connect customer video & livestream viewing to commerce with DUZY’s VTE technology.
No interruptions from view to pay for a seamless transactions.
Creates impulse purchase opportunities and memorable brand experiences.

Fundraise with In-Video Donations

Viewers donate while watching your videos & livestreams for seamless cause experiences.
Convert your videos and share your monetizable videos for instant fundraising.
Tell your brand’s story while live-streaming creating memorable experiences.

Capture Leads While They Watch Your Video

Your videos & livestreams create interest and impulse with DUZY’s patented VTE technology.
Collect contacts within your videos for more qualified leads.
Share your DUZY links creating connections for your business.


In-Video Transactions

With DÜZY users can buy, pay or donate without leaving the videos or live streams.

Better Conversion Rates

DÜZY’s in-video solution is the shortest path to purchase, creating impulse like no other platform.

Built-In Analytics

Track customer behavior and promotion success with Google Analytics (and more) on DÜZY’s dashboard.

SaaS Model Pricing

Monthly Subscription Pricing. Sign up and start monetizing your videos and live streams in minutes.

Quick-Start Platform

In minutes, create DÜZY videos to instantly share on social media, email and paid media platforms.

More Engaged Viewers

DÜZY delivers the best experiences from view to pay – customers never leave your video to purchase.

Create. Connect. Share.

Just minutes to ignite your video commerce engine.

From Content to Commerce

DÜZY’s patented VTE technology connects viewers directly to commerce without interrupting the video. Tell your brand story through video and monetize it with DÜZY.


Transform your video and live stream content with DÜZY transactional video. Instantly sell directly from your content. Using DÜZY, your customer never leaves to make a purchase.


DÜZY can help boost fundraising efforts for 501c3 organizations, churches and local organizations. Convert your video and streaming content to instant contributions on the DÜZY engine.

Lead Generation

DÜZY helps you convert interest to customers with in-video lead capture. Your customer engages with your content while you collect information for in-video with DÜZY.

Plans That Fit Your Needs

DÜZY’s subscription plans were created for every type of organization or individual, no matter what size.  Click here to see pricing and benefits.

3 Steps to Ignition

Transform Your Content to In-Video Commerce


Connect your store and payment system


Add your video or live stream and setup your campaign


Share your link via social media, email and CRM platform

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What is DÜZY and what are the benefits?

DUZY is an innovative video commerce technology that allows customers to use their videos and live streams to instantly create shoppable videos so their viewers can buy, donate, and provide their information during viewing experience without interruption. DUZY is monetizing your video so you can share across your social and paid media channels.

Where can I share the shoppable videos I create with DÜZY ?

We are integrated with leading eCommerce sites and through our tool, you can post your DUZY tv video links on your website, social media channels, paid media and you can also share your videos via email. For information about distributing DUZY links check out this topic in our help portal.

What is the business model and how much does it cost?

Check out our pricing information here:

How do I create an account?

Sign up via the pricing page: