DUZY Receives Patent Approval

World’s first truly shoppable video tool now under patent


DUZY tv, the world’s first truly shoppable video tool, is excited to announce that its innovative technology is now patent approved. With this patent, DUZY owns the ability to complete a full retail transaction within a video. This allows customers to shop, donate, pay fees, or submit contact information all without leaving the screen, eliminating the need to call advertisements from an ad server, and also enabling true “order here – pay here” functionality.

With this patent, DUZY tv stands apart from the competition. While others may have clickable links which ruin the user experience by opening to a new screen, only DUZY tv’s technology can complete the entire transaction within the video player, and the patent reflects this action. The viewing and purchasing experience is a seamless, truly ‘interactive on demand’ (IOD) experience allowing viewers to dictate how and when they engage with the video and transactional layer.

DUZY tv went the extra mile with their technology to ensure the best possible user experience for actions like e-commerce, lead generation, donations, and fee collection. This digital technology is leading the new standard in how consumers not only view, but are able to interact with media. This delivers high user engagement and drives brand awareness without distasteful brand pushes and thus, creating brand loyalty.

“In just two minutes, our users can create a truly shoppable video,” said COO Martin Bispels. “At DUZY tv, we are revolutionizing e-commerce, online donations, fees, and lead generation through our elegant, flexible, seamless, and now patented shoppable video tool.

DUZY tv is the perfect tool for online sellers, advertisers, non-profits, political campaigns, and service providers to increase conversion rates, collect donations, generate leads, and collect fees. DUZY tv has a revenue sharing pricing model with no upfront cost and is quick and easy to get up and running. It is compatible with leading ecommerce platforms such as PayPal®, eBay®, WooCommerce® and Shopify®.

“We are also excited to continue developing this technology to provide even more truly interactive on demand functionality. Stay tuned!” said CEO PJ Chesson. For more information on DUZY tv, visit https://getduzy.com/

About DUZY tv

DUZY tv is the world’s first platform that enables in-video purchases, donations, fee collection, and lead generation without ever leaving the player. Founded by former IndyCar driver, serial entrepreneur, and inventor, PJ Chesson, DUZY tv is compatible with leading ecommerce platforms and processors and has been proven to increase conversion rates. DUZY tv can be used for eCommerce, donations, fee collection, and lead generation. DUZY IOD LLC is the official entity of DUZY tv.

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