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The Necessary Evils of Sales

“The only thing you’ve got in this world is what you can sell.”
― Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

In 1949, the stage play Death of a Salesman won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play. The negative views on sales were as unobstructed then as they are now.

Even now, salespeoples’ character comes in to question.    … a new survey from HubSpot Research, only a mere 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy.

Let’s be honest, closing deals are how companies make money. People are employed by it, and it is capitalism that gives us instant purchasing power. So, how do we change the perception of sales techniques?

We use soft language. Soft language is also part of defining brands in marketing. This is something we, as marketers, do, on a regular basis. If you want to understand how communication has been anamorphosis, watch the Soft Language Skit by the comedian George Carlin.


Sometime during my life, sometime during my life toilet paper became bathroom tissue.

I wasn’t notified of this, no one asked me if I agreed with it. It just happened.

Toilet paper became bathroom tissue.
Sneakers became running shoes.
False teeth became dental appliances.
Medicine became medication.
Information became directory assistance.
The dump became the landfill.
Car crashes became automobile accidents.
Partly cloudy became partly sunny.
Motels became motor lodges.
House trailers became mobile homes.
Used cars became previously owned transportation.
Room service became guest room dining.
And constipation became occasional irregularity.” 

George Carlin passed away in 2008, and his point is still evident.

Finding clients for your business has always been challenging, but even more so, with the “always on” connected mentality.

Henry Ford was instrumental in how sales and work-life balance was defined. He helped implement the 8-hour workday, better wages, and 40-hour work week. But note;  his motivation was always sales driven.

“In the interview, Ford stated that that leisure-time should not be considered “lost time” and shouldn’t be just for the privileged class; he believed that workers needed free time to actually be able to purchase and use consumer products which would increase business.” Smart man. Creating exchange in exchange for time.

How are you going to buy his Ford products if you could afford them or have time to do so? As a society, purchasing has changed as well.

Walking to the store became driving to the store.
Shopping in the store, became someone else does the shopping for you.
Driving to the store became ordering to the home.
Ordering to the home has become instant delivery.

In Sales, how has the salesperson changed from Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman to today’s sales representative?

Door to Door Sales became Cold Calling.
Cold Calling became Telemarketing.
Telemarketing became Lead Generation.

But what happens with all those leads? Ever been to a trade show collected business cards after conversations or had a lead reader in your “booth” and no one does anything with the results of all those likely qualified leads? No plan in place for lead-scoring or activation to nurture those leads? You are not alone.

The evolution of sales has changed how we communicate, nurture opportunities and close deals. Sales and marketing must work together to maximize opportunities to reach the consumer, and move them to purchase. Often this requires integrating marketing across many traditional and non-traditional platforms. Consider this evolution in opening envelopes to now looking at your phone for your mail.

Posted Mail Became Emails.
Emails became Digital Ads.
Digitals Ads become Social media posts.
Social media posts became Social media images.
Social Media images became In-Video Streaming.

But they all work together to reach a very diverse consumer population.

How do you find consumers, while Streaming?

Welcome to #GETDÜZY. While watching your streaming or in-video content on your website or social media, DÜZY can process your leads without the consumer leaving your video. By converting a viewer to a qualified lead your sales team is not Willy Loman, your video is. You are changing the definition of acquiring leads through techniques you are using to succeed daily. This means less time pounding the pavement, and more time developing products, content and happy customer experiences.

Getting qualified leads is a challenge, but DÜZY can help with in-video lead capture. As viewers are watching your video, their interest and information can be captured immediately, without ever leaving the video. The most direct and authentic path to purchase.

Let your videos do the selling, and let DÜZY do the rest. Find out more at getDÜZY.com



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