DUZY is a transactional video tool! It’s an innovative technology that allows viewers to buy, donate, or share contact information without leaving the video viewing experience. Storytelling through video is our passion and with DUZY we can monetize your existing video content.

We are integrated with leading ecommerce sites and through our tool you can post your DUZY tv videos on your website, social media channels (though not on YouTube just yet), and you can also share your videos via email.

DUZY tv has no cost upfront, there is only a cost when a sale or lead are generated. DUZY tv collects a small share of each transaction that takes place through the tool. For donations and leads generated, users pay a flat fee. Total costs vary, so reach out to our team for an estimate.

*small share for each transaction/donation that takes place. For leads generated, users pay a flat fee.

P.J. Chesson, Martin Bispels, Tom Anderson, and Eric Meisner share decades of executive experience across multiple sectors. They’ve built and developed architectures for companies at the enterprise level (AT&T, QVC, eBay), mid-sized businesses, and ground-level startups. Now they’re working together to bring DUZY to life. Learn more here.

Within the DUZY platform. You can easily create and upload your shoppable video in just minutes. The unique link embedded in the video can then travel across your digital channels. You control the video and all transactions that take place through PayPal.

Our team has an answer! Contact:  [email protected]

Simply register using the link available on DUZYtv.com:


Once you register on the site, you’ll establish a connection to your store and then create your video in just minutes. If you already have video content the upload will take only a few minutes. Then you’ll simply upload the video and your viewers and site visitors can begin shopping immediately. Learn more here.

As soon as you register, you’ll be prompted to connect your store. Follow the guide and you’ll be connected in minutes and ready to start creating your video.

DUZY connects directly to your store, so uploading each product into the video is easy. Learn More.

It’s easy! Follow the demo on the site and you can add or remove product links from your existing video.

Your store is tied into your DUZY user account in real time, so items that are out of stock are marked “out of stock” in real time.

It’s a simple process that takes only a minute. Learn More.

Currently we accept PayPal and Stripe. We are working on a few new integrations and payment options.