Mystery vs. History: Creating Impulse In-Video to Drive Quicker Commerce

Mystery vs. History: Creating Impulse In-Video to Drive Quicker Commerce

There is a continuous conversation about how consumers search or hear about new products and upcoming trends.  The evolving and fragmented market is creating consumer activity and information, but understanding its meaning is the focus of Marketing.


Video: Courtesy of CBS: How I Met Your Mother, Mystery vs. History (2011/Ep 7)


In 2011, the CBS sit-com, How I Met Your Mother was in their seventh season and aired a very realistic episode about the progression of the internet and digital world at the time — called Mystery vs. History.

To summarize the plot, Ted (Josh Radnor) decides to go on a date with Janet (Amber Stevens) without researching her. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) intervene by doing a background check, against Ted’s wishes. Ted is tired of the duos research of his many past dates that ruined relationships by sharing their backgrounds. Before their date, Ted and Janet agree not to search each other on the internet. This created mystery, or did it?

Consumer Behavior, the Psychology of Decision Making

Some people plan and organize a product, a trip, or a date, so their expectations are fulfilled down to the last detail. This certainly puts pressure on a successful delivery on the other end. Other people are more spontaneous.  They thrive on the mystery that a date, a trip, an event, or purchase can have.  They love a happy surprise. They might have heard about all the new features of the next i-phone or android device, but did not spend time researching before they made a purchase, relying on other means for influence be it word of mouth or even just liked the look of it.  There is also the happy medium, the people who do some research, and still leave some of the details in the wind, to have an adventure even without all of the planning. The approach to planning a trip, a date or a product is really up to the consumer and their needs or wants, along with the other constraints or influences in their life.  Everyone is different, just like consumers.

There are pros and cons to how you get and take in the information that influences your decision making, even when it comes to the person you are considering dating.

The Answer is Always in Content, Both Written and Visual

Currently, video content is mother of all marketing. And it is how we are driving engagement across many targets.

Let’s start with why content is essential to a company and its marketing.

Once we understand our market, and how to reach them, content is how we communicate our services and products to drive behavior. Growing trends, influencers, and understanding how our competitors are speaking to their consumers is the best way to determine how you will stand out and drive the content that resonates to the right target audience.

Content is how marketing connects to the consumer, touching them emotionally, and psychologically.  Marketers spend much of their time creating content strategy, trying to create the right impressions with all aspects of brand communication.  Consumers rarely forget their first reaction to a brand’s image, video, or ad. In today’s digital world, these images stick around longer, in multiple channels, and can’t be tossed in the trash or turned off with a dial. Stereotypes are created in seconds.

Image: Courtesy of CBS: How I Met Your Mother, Mystery vs. History (2011/Ep 7)

For those of you with good memories, or binging, streaming, or VOD, in this 2011 episode of How I Met Your Mother episode called Mystery vs. History, the cast jokes that if you google someone, it shows you the real person.  What we have learned since, is that we can control what we want people to see about us. It seems like an exaggeration, but resumes are built on controlling what ends up online, from social media pages, to even your political affiliation.  This digital footprint is how marketing professionals create brands and drive online personality and presence that a consumer will remember…. or forget.

According to Cisco, by 2021, video will be the first point of search marketing within digital.  Our largest consumer market, the digital native millennial is scrolling through posts and photos at a rate of 2.5X other generations according to Facebook, and they want to be entertained with authentic content.

According to lean-labs.com, premium video production can be an average of $50,000 per video. This makes it hard to compete in the digital world of ecommerce without a way to justify the cost. What options do you have?

In-Video Commerce Technology

Meet DÜZY: The marketing solution using in-video technology to sell products and services.  DÜZY helps you use your content in-video or live stream with a direct link to the path of purchase. Entertain and educate your consumer, sell your product, and take the mystery out of your digital presence. In marketing, we don’t love a good mystery, unless we can solve it quickly and generate revenue.  This is what DÜZY can do for you. Patented in-video commerce technology that instantly transforms your video & live streams to purchases, payments, donations & leads taking “shoppable” to a whole new level.

DÜZY is the fastest path to purchase. Customers pay while watching your video. Content is uninterrupted during the experience which increase conversions and makes your brand memorable.

Imagine if CBS had DÜZY for this episode. With DÜZY’s platform, the viewer could have been watching the HIMYM video or streaming and purchased Barney’s colorful tie assortment, Marshall’s craft beer, or Robin’s sweater all while the video played creating the most seamless view-to-purchase experience in video commerce today.


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