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$29 per month*

Limited Time Offer. Ends July 8, 2020.

Monetize your video and live streams with the DUZY in-video commerce solution and create impulse for your brand!

For $29, you receive:

• Access to the DÜZY platform. Upload your videos and livestreams, create your offers and convert your video content to monetizable DUZYfied links.

Share your video links on your social & paid media channels to maximize your monetized videos.  

10 videos per month, and they roll over up to 20 videos total.

• DÜZY Customer Excellence Help Desk available Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm CST.

Your video links featured on the DUZY Video and Live Stream Marketplace, duzytv.com

Your brand on DUZY’s social media reaching over 250K potential consumers.

Don’t use all of your video credits, they roll over every month, for a maximum of 20.

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*New Subscribers Only. Limited Time Only, Offer Ends July 8th