41 Video Marketing Statistics: Video Disrupts Marketing, Ads, and Social Media

41 Video Marketing Statistics: Video Disrupts Marketing, Ads, and Social Media

Online videos are at their peak now. We watch and post them on social media, search for the explainers and “how-to’s” on YouTube, and no longer need to leave our couches to visit our favorite band's concert because it will probably be live streaming. Video marketing statistics show that video ads have the highest conversion rate effectiveness figures as compared to other types of content.

In this article, we collected the most important video marketing stats for 2019. So if you still doubt whether investing in video content is worth it, take a look at these numbers.

Online video consumption stats

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As online videos take more and more space in our daily lives, the volume of Internet video traffic is constantly growing. The figures reflecting the current state of video consumption are indeed impressive but the future is expected to be even more jaw-dropping. 

  1. People spend more than 30 percent of their overall online activity watching videos.
  2. Global Internet Phenomena Report shows that Netflix and YouTube constitute more than a quarter of the global web traffic (i.e. 15 and 11.4 percent respectively).
  3. Nearly 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute. And users watch about 1 billion hours of them per day. 
  4. US adults aged 18 to 34 years old spend on average 105 minutes a week watching mobile videos.
  5. About 50 percent of Americans (aged 18 to 34) will interrupt their ongoing activity to watch a new video from a YouTube creator they like. 
  6. In general, nearly 65 percent of people spend some time watching internet videos weekly and 55 percent do this every day. 
  7. Google’s video marketing statistics show that 6 out of 10 viewers prefer online videos to TV.
  8. At the same time, mobile videos are slightly more popular than videos played on other devices. They constitute 51 percent of all video views. 
  9. According to the Cisco study, Internet video traffic will account for 82 percent of internet traffic by 2021.

Psychological factors make up a big part of internet videos’ rising popularity. For instance, it’s a well-known fact that our brains process audio-visual content faster and more easily than solely images or plain text. But whatever the reason, the video for business statistics’ trend shows that businesses can effectively leverage videos to promote their products or services. Let’s look at some more generic video marketing statistics.

General video marketing statistics 

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Digital marketers have been using video ads within their marketing campaigns for a while already. The numbers back how effective video marketing is proving to be in practice.

  1. A landing page that includes videos has 53% higher chance of appearing on the top of Google search results. 
  2. According to Forbes, an average user spends about 88 percent more time on a web page if it contains online videos.
  3. Quality video content may increase organic traffic by 157 percent.  
  4. About 80 percent of website visitors will watch a video if it is on a page while only 20 percent will read the text.
  5. In terms of video marketing conversion rates, online videos may drive an 86 percent increase in conversion rates.
  6. As many as 64 percent of consumers make a purchase after watching a product video. 
  7. Branded video content statistics show a clear increase in demand. Nearly 87 percent of consumers said that they want to see more online videos from brands they like. 
  8. The HubSpot study shows that videos in marketing emails can increase the click-through rate by 300 percent
  9. About 87 percent of marketers already use different types of videos to promote products or services. 
  10. On average, 37 percent of viewers watch a video to the end.
  11. About 96 percent of digital buyers search for an explainer video to find information about a product. 
  12. 97 percent of marketing professionals believe that video content helps consumers to get a better understanding of a company’s unique selling proposition. 
  13. A decent video marketing strategy also facilitates lead generation, as those who use videos get 66 percent more qualified leads.
  14. People retain nearly 95 percent of the information they received from videos, as opposed to only 10 percent on average for texts. 

What becomes clear is that all marketing strategies experience improved performance when including online videos. However, no matter how stunning your video is, it won’t help if no one sees it. That’s why sharing videos via social media channels should also be an important part of a company’s marketing activities.

Social media video statistics

Today, everyone is hanging out on different social networks. Posting branded videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your target audience. Social media is a great tool for businesses that want to attract new customers as videos have a direct impact on increasing your number of followers. Social media video marketing statistics really speak for themselves.

  1. Out of all types of content shared on social media by brands, online videos are consumers’ no.1 favorites.
  2. Including online videos in social media posts can increase their views by 48 percent.
  3. More than 47 percent of Instagram users enjoy watching video ads on this platform. 
  4. A great thing about Facebook ads is that 62 percent of people became more interested in a brand or product after watching a story on Facebook.
  5. Facebook video statistics shows that video content posted on this social media channel (both uploaded and live videos) has about 8 billion views per day. For Snapchat, this figure is 10 billion
  6. Twitter was intended to be a more text-sharing platform. Still, 48 percent of its users believe it’s also a great place to discover online videos. 
  7. 51 of digital marketers use LinkedIn as a platform for sharing video content. And 86 percent of them said it was a successful strategy.
  8. Video sharing statistics demonstrate that people like to share videos more than any other type of content. Social video content gets 1200 percent more shares than text or images. 
  9. As many as 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos they liked with others.

Social media marketing works best when it’s combined with interesting, useful, and captivating video content. How can you create such content? We gathered some proven tips for you. Check out them below. 

Statistics about video marketing best practices 

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Branded online videos are not only about conveying the right messages but doing it the right way. Basically, video content is the channel allowing businesses to ‘talk’ directly to their customers. By looking into these video marketing statistics, we see that quality, tone, style, etc. makes a massive difference. 

  1. Ideally, the length of one video should not exceed 2 minutes because an average user rarely watches more than that. 
  2. If your target social media platform is Facebook, it’s better to optimize videos for viewing without sound. About 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. 
  3. The situation is different for Instagram. Nearly 60 percent of Stories posted on this platform are played with the sound. 
  4. Testimonials, tutorials, and demonstration videos are the most popular types of video content.
  5. Square videos are a better choice since they get 275 percent more views and 482 percent more shares. 
  6. Nearly  23 percent of marketing professionals have already used interactive videos and 83 percent of them said they got great results. 
  7. Interactive videos have the highest engagement rate and can drive the 47 percent increase in viewing time as compared to ordinary videos.
  8. The click-through rate of this type of videos is up to ten times higher than linear videos as well. 
  9. Viewers also remember interactive videos better. In general, they are 32 percent more memorable and this increases purchase intent by 90 percent.  

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How DUZY tv helps you do video marketing right

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DUZY tv screenshot

Let’s look at how exactly your marketing campaigns will benefit from using DUZY tv.

  • Video marketing statistics show that interactive videos are the most effective type of video content in terms of engagement, click-through rate, and sales. Basically, interactive videos are the most powerful content type that exists today. 
  • Shoppable videos will help you be a step ahead of your competition since less than a quarter of marketers have already started using them within marketing campaigns.
  • Besides posting videos created with DUZY tv on your website, you can share them via social media channels and include them in promotional emails. Not only will this make current customers more engaged but it will also help you attract new leads. 
  • Finally, the great results you’ll start receiving after the implementation of DUZY tv’s solution will encourage you to make more video content. And more quality product videos means more sales!

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